Dirty God

In Post Production


DIRTY GOD is a film about a young mother from London who must pick up the pieces after an acid attack leaves her with severe facial burns. Prior to the attack, with limited education and opportunities, Jade's main currency was her looks. Her face has been reconstructed, but her beauty is gone. Jade must set about rebuilding herself - and this is a gargantuan task.
Cast adrift from her young daughter, Jade finds solace in the hidden world of online liaisons where she uncovers the passion and connection she's craved in an often humorous and celebratory way. However, the actions of a stranger threaten to turn her life upside down once more, and those around her are ill-equipped to halt her descent. As family life and friendships start to crumble, her lowest ebb proves the inspiration that Jade needs. Jade takes drastic action, finally finding her path back to her daughter and herself.
DIRTY GOD is a powerful film about motherhood, courage and self-acceptance.


SACHA POLAK (Zurich, Hemel)


MARLEEN SLOT (My Joy, Neon Bull)
MIKE ELLIOTT (Jawbone, Catch Me Daddy, The Goob)


RUBENS IMPENS (Raw, The Broken Circle Breakdown)

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