25 February 2021

Harry Michell's indie, starring Harry Melling and Tom Brooke, will hit theaters and on-demand platforms on April 2.

Gravitas Ventures has snapped up the North American rights to Say Your Prayers, directed by Harry Michell and starring Harry Melling, Tom Brooke, Derek Jacobi, Roger Allam, Anna Maxwell Martin and Vinette Robinson.

A theatrical and on-demand release on April 2, 2021 is planned. Written by Jamie Fraser and Michell, Say Your Prayers portrays Tim and Vic, orphaned brothers and Christian radicals who assassinate the wrong target and find themselves waiting for the arrival of a foreboding mentor to complete their mission before a foul-mouthed detective inspector gets in their way.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Gravitas and excited to see how the film goes down with a North American audience," director Michell said in a statement. Say Your Prayers is produced by Helen Simmons.

Executive producer credits are shared by Andrew Orr, Hugo Heppell, Roger Le Tissier, Frances Le Tissier, Julien Loeffler, Fabrice Smadja, Kevin Loader, Andy Brunskill, Farah Abushwesha, Matt Wilkinson, David Leigh and Jack Meeus. The film is a Guinea Pig Production and Aimimage Production, in association with Independent and Featuristic Films.

Gravitas Ventures manager of acquisitions Brett Rogalsky negotiated the distribution deal with Sarah Lebutsch of Independent.

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