Damon Hill’s father was his hero. Graham was a two-time world champion and racing icon full of natural charisma, humour and vibrancy; he was a towering figure. For Damon, growing up on the circuit at a time when F1 was immensely dangerous for the drivers, death cast a constant threat. And when Graham was killed in a plane crash leaving the family with nothing, 15-year-old Damon was forced to find his path without his father’s support and guidance, a path that would ultimately to lead him back into Formula 1.

This is the story of a son’s life-long search to understand his father set against the backdrop of two fascinating, contrasting eras of the sport: the 1960-70’s, a time of glamour and demi-gods, and the 1980-90’s, a time of rivalry among men. This film tells how Damon wrestled with his father’s legacy and how, through sheer determination, he forged himself into a champion and became the father he never had.


Alex Holmes


Simon Lazenby
Victoria Barrell

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