The Art Of Political Murder

Post Production


A high-octane political thriller propelling its audience into the murky world of post-war Guatemala and its struggle for justice.

Based on Francisco Goldman’s book of the same name, THE ART OF POLITICAL MURDER uncovers the truth behind the brutal murder of Guatemalan Bishop, Juan Gerardi, that stunned a country ravaged by decades of political violence. Just two days after presenting a damning report blaming the shocking atrocities of the civil war on the Guatemalan military, the country’s most revered human rights activist is found dead in his home. Fearing a cover-up, the church assembles a team of fearless young investigators to take on the case. They begin to unearth a sordid web of conspiracy and murder, entangling the upper echelons of the government. But as they edge closer to the truth, will the country’s criminal underbelly succeed in silencing them?


Paul Taylor (We Are Together)


Teddy Leifer (Academy Award winning Icarus, The Interrupters)
Regina K. Scully (The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground)


George Clooney, Grant Heslov Smokehouse Pictures


Masahiro Hirakubo (The White Helmets, Breathe, The Beach)

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