Untitled Lewis Capaldi Documentary

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It is early 2020 and 23 year old singer songwriter Lewis Capaldi has just returned home to his parent’s house in rural West Lothian, Scotland, leaving behind a record breaking stadium tour, awards, screaming fans and history making chart success. Finding himself back where he grew up, with his family and old mates, this is a moment of relative calm. But Lewis is at a crossroads. When fame has changed your life beyond all recognition, how do you reconnect to where you came from?

Caught between the pull of fame and the grounding roots of home, Lewis wrestles with the immense pressure of delivering that old Rock and Roll cliché ‘The Difficult Second Album’. From writing new material in a shed at the bottom of the garden at his parents’ house, to recording and then releasing a new album, this young artist will have the courage to invite us into this deeply personal process, laying out his craft and life, exploring his relationship with his roots, his hopes and fears for all the world to see.

In this all-access music documentary, award-winning studio Pulse Films partners with recent breakout artist Lewis Capaldi at a pivotal moment in his career. And seeing that this is Lewis Capaldi, it will be a proper laugh too.


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Sam Bridges
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